True Blue HQ Fans of the Week- Eden Park Guardians

True Blue HQ Fans of the Week- Eden Park Guardians

This week’s True Blue HQ Fans of the Week, presented by Barfoot & Thompson, are Ben Lama and Anton Chand!
Otherwise known as the Eden Park Guardians, Ben and Anton are regular features on TV as they religiously turn up to the Stadium with their faces painted and cheer passionately for the Blues.
Find out a little bit more about these true blue fans below from Ben:
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How long have you and Anton been Blues fans for?

We have always been fans but as far as dedicated fans it’s been 3 years now!

What’s your game day routine, where do you travel from and where do you sit at Eden Park during the match?

We have our own game day rituals for good luck lol but we meet up at 4:30 head over to Middlemore train station head to Britomart then jump on another train to EDEN park where the smack talking with rival fans usually begins. We always sit at the bottom of the south stand next to the players tunnel

What’s the reasoning behind painting your faces and sitting in the same seats? Where did the idea come from to be the Eden Park Guardians?

Most people think we paint our faces to look scarier but the truth is we are already scary but we paint our faces to look nicer lol nah the first time we painted our faces we were just gonna do blue and white lines but got carried away haha. We should’ve copyrighted it because now there are a lot of similar faces around. Just saying haha and why change seats?? We love the blues fans that sit in that area! We were called the EP GUARDIANS by someone on twitter because we are always next to the tunnel at Eden park early before the game to welcome the boys in and late to clap the boys out. The name had a ring to it so we adopted it.

How do you enjoy using social media to chat with players, fellow passionate Blues fans and keep up to date with all Blues news?

Social media is awesome for keeping posted on what’s going on with the players and hardcore fans. The hype on twitter usually gets people pumped up to come to the games so it’s great!

What have you made of the Blues’ performances so far this season, and how do you think they’ll go this year?

The boys are doing great! Our defence is beast and our offensive swag is gun! Bringing fans in and band wagon fans but we’ll take em..Lol We know they’ll do good! But good or bad we will be there!!! GO THE BLUES!!!
The Eden Park Guardians, Ben Lama & Anton Chand