True Blue HQ Fan of the Week – Kim O’Meara

True Blue HQ Fan of the Week – Kim O’Meara

This week’s True Blue HQ Fan of the Week, presented by Barfoot & Thompson, is Kim O’Meara!
Kim is currently in fifth position on the True Blue HQ leaderboard and is so passionate about cheering on the team that she has often lost her voice by the time she gets into the office on Monday morning – what’s become coined her ‘rugby voice’!
Find out a little bit more about Kim below:
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How long have you been a Blues fan?

Being born in Chiefs country where I spent my first couple of years, we moved to Auckland so my first rugby memories are of going to Eden Park and watching the Auckland team with great players like Andy Hayden, JK, Foxy, the Whettons, Michael Jones and Fitzy. I was living overseas when the Blues first started in the 90s and when I returned home in 1999 I naturally followed the Blues. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to many games when I returned, even though I’m married to an Irishman, he doesn’t follow rugby – he is the sports widow in our house, once my brother returned from the States, we started going to as many games as we could and this year we’ve signed up to True Blues.

What makes you such an avid fan of the Blues?

I’m passionate about the teams I follow and as one of my friends on Facebook says – I’ll give it to you Kim, you’re loyal! †I’ve followed The Blues through the goods times and bad and only support by Super Rugby team of origin when they are playing anyone but the Blues.
Monday mornings are interesting in the office as I’ve generally cheered so much on the weekend I’ve lost my voice – we’ve started calling it my rugby voice.

What’s your game day routine, where do you travel from and where do you sit at Eden Park during the match?

I wake up in the morning and the excitement has already started – can’t wait to get to the game. If it’s a Friday night game, I wear one of my Blues jerseys to work and get dropped off and meet by brother at the gates. For a Saturday game, I wait for my brother to get home then we head off to Eden Park to get there for gates opening. This year, we’ve sat in the Eastern Stand in the front row on the 15m line so we can be close to the action. I always record the game and watch it when I get home.

How do you enjoy using social media to chat with players, fellow passionate Blues fans and keep up to date with all Blues news?

As mentioned above, my husband is pretty much a sports widow, so unless I’m talking to my father or brother, I pretty much get my rugby fix through Twitter and Facebook. It actually turns out that one of the other True Blue HQ fans and I work for the same company – small world.

What have you made of the Blues’ performances so far this season, and how do you think they’ll go this year?

I’ve been really proud to be a Blues supporter this year, I feel that the coaching team brings a lot of experience in coaching and playing at the top level and even though there are a number of younger players in the team, there is experience in the wider team. I can hold my head high on a Monday morning in the office.
Kim O’Meara (@kiwikim)