True Blue HQ Fan of the Week – Joel Stockley

True Blue HQ Fan of the Week – Joel Stockley

This week’s True Blue HQ Fan of the Week, presented by Barfoot & Thompson, is Joel Stockley (@JoelStockley)!
Joel is currently leading the True Blue HQ leaderboard! Read about why he is such a massive Blues fan below.
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How long have you been a Blues fan for?

I have been a Blues fan since the 1998/99 season.
I used to love watching Michael Jones play as a boy growing up. He lived just around the corner from me, and was always in the local community representing one event or another. I won a competition to attend a match hosted by Michael Jones, called “icebox with the iceman” and that is what really grabbed my attention. That day really stood out as it was my first live rugby match!

What makes you such an avid fan of the Blues?

I think the biggest thing that makes me a Blues fan is that it was the Blues that pulled me away from my life long sport soccer. Watching the physical dominance the team has had over the rest of the competition over the years has been amazing and their dedication is what keeps me coming back for more!

What’s your game day routine, where do you travel from and where do you sit at Eden Park during the match?

My game day routine is to get up and get outdoors as much as possible. Twitter buzzes with messages to the boys and other fans building up towards the match. I go to every home game with my fiance Suzanne, and we try to get there as early as possible to watch the boys warm up. Luckily I don’t live far away in St Lukes, as I have tried to live as close to the stadium as I can for the last 3 years or so.

How do you enjoy using social media to chat with players, fellow passionate Blues fans and keep up to date with all Blues news?

I think it’s exciting to use twitter and facebook to connect with the players and other fans. I am new to the twitterverse and it’s been an exciting ride catching up with the boys and a few of the super dedicated fans. As my fiance will attest, I have my smartphone glued to the Blues app and twitter all the time reading updates and player selections and gossip too.

What have you made of the Blues’ performances so far this season, and how do you think they’ll go this year?

The players are doing really well. I know a lot of people have said that this is a rebuilding season, but they have surpassed that level now I feel, and are pushing towards being a power in the competition once more. A few times we have taken our eyes off the ball and not played to the conditions or the opposition, but with the senior guys out there leading the way, they are getting better every game. As JK says, better never stops.