True Blue HQ Fan of the Week – Emily Whitston-Lee

True Blue HQ Fan of the Week – Emily Whitston-Lee

This week’s True Blue HQ Fan of the Week, presented by Barfoot & Thompson, is Emily Whitston-Lee (@emwhitstonlee)!
Emily has recently soared up the True Blue HQ leaderboard to take the number one position from nowhere! Read about why she is such a massive Blues fan below.
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How long have you been a Blues fan for?

I’ve been an Aucklander all my life, so I’ve always been vaguely aware of the Blues and given half-hearted support, but last year my friend Ellen dragged me to the Hurricanes game and from then I was hooked!

What makes you such an avid fan of the Blues?

I love the unity that the support of the Blues team gives to people who otherwise wouldn’t interact, And the amazing atmosphere at games is so unique and amazing.

What’s your game day routine, where do you travel from and where do you sit at Eden Park during the match?

On game days I make sure that I have my #TrueBlue clothing ready, then about an hour before the bus leaves I meet up with my friends for dinner at Botany Plaza before we head in, usually having rotisserie chicken or McDonalds. We tend to sit either between the try-posts on the east-side or wherever my friends pre-purchase tickets.

How do you enjoy using social media to chat with players, fellow passionate Blues fans and keep up to date with all Blues news?

I really enjoy using the Digital Cheer Squad #TrueBlueHQ, and have begun to get quite competitive with friends over positions, with myself and a friend continually trying to find ways to get points. I mainly talk to my friend Ellen (@OthelloFallow) on twitter about the Blues, but should anyone ever talk to me I am more than happy to chat.

What have you made of the Blues’ performances so far this season, and how do you think they’ll go this year?

I think that the team can come back but there is surely room to improve, but unlike last year the fans are out in force giving full support to the boys in blue.