True Blue HQ Fan of the Week – Bass Kauvai!

True Blue HQ Fan of the Week – Bass Kauvai!

This week’s True Blue HQ Fan of the Week, presented by Barfoot & Thompson, is Bass Kauvai!
Read about why Bass is such a massive Blues fan below.
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How long have you been a Blues fan for?

I’ve been a Blues fan before my eyes were even open! This year in fact marks a decade of my support for the Blues! Yep 10 long years of myself yelling at the TV whilst the Blues were doing their thing. I grew up with the likes of Joe Rokocoko, Doug Howlett, Carlos Spencer, Troy Flavell and Keven Mealamu owning the field with their rare,valuable skill sets! I am proud to say, Forever I am True Blue!!

What makes you such an avid fan of the Blues?

Being a proud Aucklander and having a passion for rugby enforced my support for the Blues. Through thick and thin, I have worn my lucky Blues undies (no not really!haha) and supported the Blues. I feel it’s an advantage, having great trash talking skills whilst supporting the Blues!

What’s your game day routine, where do you travel from and where do you sit at Eden Park during the match?

Game day arrives, I attempt to remain cool,calm and True Blue! Partially because i don’t want to run the risk of fainting from excitement! (but it’s worth it). I travel from Avondale with my sister and most times arrive before the gates open. I prefer sitting in the South Stand,seeing the Blues run out and having a full view of the action.

How do you enjoy using social media to chat with players, fellow passionate Blues fans and keep up to date with all Blues news?

Chatting with Blues players via Twitter is great. It’s like raining money but only better! I feel the passion from other True Blue HQ members ,which really makes me feel proud to be a part of the #bluesnation. I appreciate what the Blues share with us fans, in terms of the behind the scenes action as it really allows you to interact with them!

What have you made of the Blues’ performances so far this season, and how do you think they’ll go this year?

I am no rugby analyst but I feel the Blues are just getting started! Based on their performances experience plays no part in dominating that field. Young guns under leadership from seniors really get in there, have fun but get the job done! The Blues carry each other on their backs in that “warzone” to overcome the odds and win. The Blues have a strong team culture and know it’s do or die in those 80mins. They’re doing everything right and doing it well! Sir JK’s #betterneverstops motto says everything about how far the Blues will go this year.
Our road has been long, heck we’ve walked the entire way, because only CHAMPIONS can make it all the way to the end
GO BLUES!! 2013 Super Rugby Champions!
Bass Kauvai