RuFIT 12 week program seeks recruits

RuFIT 12 week program seeks recruits

Are you a fan of professional rugby? Did you make a new year resolution to get fit?

We’re looking for male rugby fans age 30-65 to take part in a FREE healthy lifestyle programme called RuFIT. RuFIT is a 12-week healthy lifestyle program run by NIHI and the University of Auckland. ‘We’re proud to support this programme and our fans who want to make positive lifestyle changes’ says Blues strength and conditioning coach, John Ryan. 

We’re helping NIHI’s RuFIT-NZ team to recruit male rugby fans to take part in a FREE 12-week healthy lifestyle program. To qualify you’ll need to be aged 30-65 years, and overweight. If you make the team you’ll receive an individually tailored ‘on field’ physical activity programme delivered by Blues trainers, as well as healthy lifestyle advice. You’ll train with the Blues coaches in a 12-week group programme designed to kick start your healthy, active lifestyle and teach you correct exercise technique.

Rewarding. Challenging. Fun. That’s how our recent participants have described the RuFIT Programme. “It was tough but it has really changed my life so far!” The men who have completed RuFIT are seeing the changes and you can too. “The trainers are fantastic and just the right amount of tough. They know their s**t and can handle a bit of stick too!”

To find out more about RuFIT and sign up to take part in the programme clicking here.