Meet our S&C Coach

Meet our S&C Coach

nib sat down with the Blues strength and conditioning coach Jason Price to talk about how the season went and what the S&C coaching team does to get the players ready for a gruelling 80 minutes of contact on field. 

Can you run us through what your role is and what you do with the Blues please?

My role is to physically prepare the players to enable them to perform on game day. This includes conditioning (running, biking, rowing etc), speed/power training, weight training, recovery, injury prevention (in conjunction with the Blues medical staff), nutrition (with the support of nutritionist Dave Shaw).

How do you get the Blues match ready? Can you run us through a typical week?

On the first day back (Monday for a Saturday game) we will screen the players and see how they are feeling both objectively and subjectively after the weekend’s game. The players that may not be recovered as much will do a recovery-based session on this day and the rest of the players will get into the gym and lift weights. Any players that didn’t play many minutes at the weekend will also do some extra running which will be a combination of games and repeated speed.

Tuesday we do two rugby sessions in the morning, followed by a gym session in the afternoon where some players will finish with some extra conditioning.

Wednesday for a Saturday-to-Saturday game will be a recovery day.

Thursday is where we sharpen the players up with Power and Speed and our last full rugby training session.

On Friday the selected players perform a last run together of approximately 40 mins. Saturday is game day and recovery on Sunday.

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