Kaino birthday comp winner

Kaino birthday comp winner

We received plenty of amazing submissions for the Jerome Kaino birthday poetry competition, but there could be only one winner.

After much deliberation, Jerome has selected his winning poem from the competition. Congratulations to Gillian Johnson, who submitted the poem below. She was inspired by Jerome’s book writing efforts and channelled Will Smith in Men In Black for her piece.

Gillian is walking away with a signed copy of Jerome’s autobiography “Jerome Kaino: My Story” as well as  a special Blues prize pack. Congratulations!

Jerome Kaino – by Gillian Johnson

Here comes the man in Blue.

Kaino, he’s the captain who

Strikes against the opposition’s defiance

Teams walk in his shadow, awed into silence.

Respect that shirt of blue.


Over the horizon, his brilliance is blindin’

A fearless forward, his speed spellbindin’.

This premier player he makes an impact

Tackles hard in attack with full-on contact.

Yes, it’s the man in blue.


Against every team’s defender

His presence they remember.

Check it out, he’s imposin’

On the try-line he is closin’.

Here comes the man in Blue.


He sees things that they don’t see

And he’s places that they should be.

Eden Park crowds roar their admiration

Leaving defenders in devastion.

Victory for the man in blue.


He leaves no room with his quickness.

Respect from all who bear witness.

Hypnotizer, neutralizer

Opportunities scrutinizer.

Kaino, the man in blue.


He is the M.I.B.


Happy Birthday Jerome