Hira Bhana Potato Olympics

Hira Bhana Potato Olympics

2016 marks the year of the 31st Olympic Games, the four-yearly competition that unites the world in a common pursuit of athletic and international glory.

Following close behind in grandeur and tradition is the annual Hira Bhana Potato Olympics, coming to Eden Park this Saturday.

The Potato Olympics have been running for three years, offering families the chance to attend a Blues home game and compete for glory at half-time in spud-themed four-person relay: two adults, two children.

Each family (two adults, two children) will traverse the width of the Eden Park field four times. The first leg will be a potato and spoon race, followed by a potato sack race, then the 5kg potato sack carry and then the 10kg potato sack carry.

Families can choose who competes in which leg, although it’s recommended that mum and dad take on the heavier duties.

While the Olympic Games honour the top three with medals and olive wreaths, Hira Bhana want to take a more universal approach. Each family will receive a prize for competing as well as a 5kg sack of potatoes.

1st place: $200 Supermarket voucher

2nd place: $150 Supermarket voucher

3rd and 4th places: $100 Supermarket vouchers

More FM will announce the four competing families on Thursday morning, so make sure you sign up quick to put yourself in the draw.

If you and your family don’t make the cut for Hira Bhana Potato Olympics, then make sure you pick up your 5kg bag of Hira Bhana potatoes from Gate A after the match.