Blues News: Edition 23

Blues News: Edition 23

We’ve seen some exciting progress with our new facility over at Alexandra Park, the walls steadily going up to give shape to the new Blues HQ! Looks like we’re well on track for our November move-in.

This week’s Blues News features an update from the Blues’ charity partner Coastguard who recently added a new rescue vessel to their fleet. 

We also chat to dance crew, Saintz Up, and finally, we take you back to the early 2000s with our new column looking at where former Blues players are now.

Welcome aboard

She’s 15-foot long, can’t leave the water and is fast over the waves. Introducing Coastguard’s newest member… 

Dropping the beat at Eden Park

Their movements crisp, their smiles wide, and their music fresh. Saintz Up Performing Arts School is putting the cool back into community

Now and then: Steve Devine

He was known for putting his body on the line while wearing the Blues jersey, but what was the impact? Find out what’s going on in the world of this former Blues halfback.