Blues Fiat Bambina for sale

Blues Fiat Bambina for sale

We all look for something different in a car. Some are searching for comfort and heating, others for speed and aggression. Some just want an old bomb to get from A to B.

And then there are the ones who are searching for that something special, a car that has a character and a history of its own, a vehicle that won’t just carry you, it’ll help define you.

The 1967 Fiat Bambina, long serving the Blues squad with pride, is one such car. With its sunshine yellow paint job and blue flames licking the bonnet, the Blues Bambina has developed a character of its own.

One of the Bambina’s most important roles was during the2013 season when it was awarded to the player or staff member who committed the worst gaff during any given week.

Throughout the 2013 Blues season, Ofa Tu’ungafasi’s blonde tipped dreads could be seen sticking out of the retractable sunroof. Angus Ta’avao would be spotted peering out of the front window with his frame hunched over the wheel.

And the Bambina instigator himself, Blues Head Coach SirJohn Kirwan, was handed the keys the week of his Investiture Ceremony. While other honourees arrived at government house in their glossy vehicles, JK arrived in style behind the wheel of the bright yellow and blue flamed Bambina.

This car needs some love and care – he’s been chugging along for 71,152 kilometres. But as a collector’s item and as a faithful friend, the Bambina is more than willing to go the distance with a new owner – just think of the stories it could tell.

The Blues are looking for a Fiat enthusiast who will love this little car and bring it back to life. There is no WOF or registration for the car and is being sold “as is where is,” leaving plenty of room for creation and alteration.

Go to the TradeMe listing now to place your bid and take home a piece of history.