Story behind the jersey

Story behind the jersey

After much anticipation, the 2016 Blues Super Rugby jersey has been launched with each of the colours and design elements reflecting certain parts of the Blues family and culture.

The intricate design seen on the front left chest is an evolution of the current Pasifika style design, weaving in elements of the three regions that make up the Blues.

Northland is represented by the mighty Kauri tree, North Harbour by the hibiscus and struts of the Harbour Bridge, and Auckland by the Skytower and cityscape. By incorporating these elements, we pay respect to the people of these areas who make up the fan base and give us power and strength on and off the field. 

Also incorporated are symbols of unity, pathways, teamwork, belonging, community and the individual’s journey, with each representing key values that define our Blues team.

The jersey designers are Luke Crawford, Dave Teata and Dave Burke, with support from Tiki Edwards of New Zealand Rugby. It was an intricate and thought-filled process to create the design, with the artists taking a lot of care to respect the art of tapa and tatau.

The design is woodcut, drawn onto a flat block of wood and carved together by the artists. The raised area of the wood is then inked and printed onto paper, before being scanned and laid into the jersey pattern.

This design is further accentuated and brought to life through the expressive dynamic Blue and rich contemporary monochrome crest, which clearly shows an advancement and modernization from the previous design.